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Our luxurious Silk Impressions Silk Filled pillows are covered with white cotton and filled with a core of polyester for firmness and support,  the core is then covered in layers of 100% pure mulberry silk. Since silk is a natural fiber, silk pillows are hypoallergenic and beneficial to those with allergies.

Silk pillows provide retention of your skin and hairs natural essential amino acids that are the key to healthy and youthful skin and hair. In fact, top medical practitioners have recommended pure silk pillows as the best option to sleep on, as silk is gentle on the skin, will cause the least amount of wrinkles, and protects your hair from splitting.

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Our comforters are filled with layers upon layers of pure hand pulled long strand mulberry silk. There are many benefits to using silk over other fabrics. Silk is a natural organic fiber that is not treated with any chemicals, making it resistant to dust mites and bed bugs and naturally hypoallergenic.

Insects will not eat silk as it is an acid based pure protein, perfect for coastal climates as it repels mold and mildew. In addition to being a luxurious and high quality material, silk is lightweight, will not bunch or break up and as a result  will provide many years of comfort.

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King Silk Impressions
Silk - Filled Comforters
Pure, soft, pristine
silk filling fit for a

Silk Impressions Silk-Filled
Pillow King size

Filled with 100% pure silk, this normously soft king-size pillow is ready for a bed of any size

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